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Convert your foreign driver’s license to a Thai license (while keeping your original license)

Foreign to Thai Driver’s License Conversion Process:

Step 1: Document Review: Our trained staff will review your documents and prepare them for submission.

Step 2: Registration We will register and submit your documents, and schedule an appointment for processing the license.

Step 3: Processing: On the processing day, our staff will handle all the paperwork, navigate the queues on your behalf, and provide professional translation services.


  • Valid passport with a visa (minimum 30 days validity from the date of license processing)
  • Valid driver’s license or international license (1949 or 1968). Non-English licenses must be officially translated and stamped by your home country Embassy or an authorized translation service.
  • Certificate of residency or Non-digital Work Permit (eligibility details below)
  • Medical certificate (not older than 30 days)
  • Certificate of Residency: Issued byThai immigration office (valid for 30 days) or your home country Embassy (valid for 1 year)
  • Other forms of address proof (such as TM30, rental contracts, title ownership books, etc.) are not accepted.
  • Please consult your embassy or Thai Immigration Office for eligibility requirements, as they can vary based on visa type, length of stay, housing situation, etc.
  • Work Permit: Physical blue book with your address listed between pages 24–26
  • Digital or work permits without a home address listed cannot be used and require a Certificate of Residency instead.

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