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Apply for a new car and motorbike license in Bangkok

Obtaining a New Thai Driver’s License: If you currently don’t have a driver’s license, we can assist you in obtaining one at the driving school.

Our trained staff will guide you through the entire process, including document review, form submission, queue handling, personal translations, and overall support. You will receive separate licenses for both car and motorbike, each valid for two years and renewable for five years. The expected completion time is approximately two and a half days (non-consecutive).

Day 1: Basic eyesight and reaction test, and appointment scheduling for training days (1 hour).

Day 2: License training, educational videos, and theory test (6–8 hours)

Day 3: Driving test explanation, driving test, driver’s license photo, and processing (4–8 hours).

  • Passport with a visa (minimum 30 days validity from the date of license processing).
  • The type of visa is not crucial for license processing, but tourist visa holders may not be eligible for a Thai license as they may be unable to obtain the required certificate of residency (details below).
  • Certificate of residency: Issued by your home country Embassy (valid for 1 year) or Thai immigration office (valid for 30 days).
  • Please note that the certificate of residency is a specific document recognized by the Embassy and Thai Immigration. Other address proofs such as TM30, rental contracts, title ownership books, etc., are not accepted. We strongly recommend contacting your embassy or Thai Immigration Office directly to determine your eligibility for obtaining a certificate of residency, as it may vary based on visa type, length of stay, housing situation, etc.
  • A physical blue work permit book with your address listed between pages 24–26 can be accepted. However, most work permits are either digital or do not have a home address listed, making them ineligible. In such cases, a certificate of residency is required.
  • Medical certificate: Must not be over 30 days old. We can assist you in obtaining one on the registration day at a nearby clinic within a few minutes. Alternatively, any hospital or clinic is familiar with this requirement if you prefer to obtain it beforehand.